Bogus accounts in patchwork

Carl Worth cworth at
Tue Apr 29 04:04:38 EST 2014

Jeremy Kerr <jk at> writes:
> I'd prefer not to have another wrapper. I can probably do some cleanups
> that mean we don't need PYTHONPATH, but we'll still need the settings
> var.
> I guess we could assume a reasonable default (= 'settings') if the var
> is absent from the environment.

I haven't looked deep to know the implications here. But it would be
nice to allow these scripts to be invoked simply with no wrappers.

> Currently, none of the public patchwork projects that I host run with
> this enabled, as it can get a little noisy. What we really need is a way
> for some patchwork updates to be done with notifications suppressed.

Thanks for the explanations. We didn't have the cron job running, but
also hadn't changed the default. Personally, I'd find the settings
almost entirely noise.

Perhaps what would make sense is to allow individuals to enable
notifications personally if that's what they want? (rather than doing
this on a per-project basis).

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