Adding uclibc to tracked lists for patches

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Mon Sep 23 10:40:34 EST 2013

Hi Khem,

> Would it be possible to add uclibc at to tracked projects on
> ? The developers are very interested to have a
> patchwork instance which could track the patches sent to the list.

Sure thing! I'll just need the following information:

 * The list address (uclibc at, correct?)
 * The list-id used by the list, and
 * The name that you'd like for the project (I'd suggest
   "uClibc development")
 * Patchwork usernames of the folks who will be maintaining the
   patch statuses.

For the first two, if you can just forward a mail that has been through
the list, I can extract the right info.

Also, are you able to manually subscribe an email address
(incoming at to your list? If so, it means I can
avoid the confirmation step.



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