filtering email?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Thu Oct 24 16:16:58 EST 2013

Hi Kumar,

> However, was wondering if there was (or could easily be added) the
> ability to only have a patchworks project filter email based on some
> regex.
> For example, we'd like to setup a patchworks project for device tree
> bindings so we want the project only to track patches that touch
> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/
> This is because there is a huge amount of noise on the devicetree
> list.

This isn't (currently) supported by patchwork itself, but we do
something similar for the ARM imx project: patchwork is subscribed to
linux-arm-kernel, but we have a mail filter that drops any patch that
doesn't match:

 paths = [

Do you want me to set up something similar for devicetree-discuss?



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