FeatureRequest: Drop Cc: lines if tags were given

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 03:55:33 EST 2013

Le 06/10/2013 16:55, Wolfram Sang a écrit :
>> I'm not sure I understand why a Tested-by: would warrant the removal
>> of a Cc:.
> To me, before I apply a patch to my trees, Cc: means "person got
> notified of this patch". A tag means a person reacted to the patch, so
> the information that she was notified is superfluous.

In all patches that were Tested-by: a given person, some might Cc: this 
person, and some might not; now, if you remove Cc: because Tested-by: is 
present and should be considered an implicit Cc:, then you create the 
false information that the person would have been Cc: on /all/ patches 
-- or, conversively, you lose the information of which patch the person 
was really Cc: of.

IMO, a Tested-by: is the indication that someone tested the patch, and a 
Cc: is the indication that someone was copy on th patch, and these two 
are independent. Any simplification based on assumptions such as "a 
tester was necessarily a Cc" should be performed by ad hoc filtering on 
the client side, not by altering patches on the patchwork side.

> Regards,
>     Wolfram


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