pwclient can not filter by delegate

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Mon Mar 18 11:52:59 EST 2013

Hi Andreas,

> pwclient provides a '-d' switch to filter by delegate but this doesn't
> work. It seems pwclient does a rpc.person_list() which unfortunately
> does not contain the correct user id's. For example the id for my
> 'delegate' user seems to be 6342, but the rpc.person_list() contains
> some other uid's. For me this is 4656, 5830, 12555 and 14489 but not 6342.
> If I provide my uid as delegate_id I'll get the correct answer. So the
> question is how to find the correct 'delegate users' via rpc.

What's happening here is that you're seeing separate IDs for "user" (ie, 
someone with a patchwork account") and "person" (ie, someone who has 
submitted a patch or comment to patchwork). The person_list() method is 
returning the latter, but the delegate IDs are the former.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a nice way to do this with 
the current XMLRPC API, but I'm happy to extend the interface to suit. 
Do you have any thoughts on which might be the best way to specify a 
delegate? By username, or real name (or both?)?



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