Using patchwork with Mercurial

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Jan 9 14:13:42 EST 2013

Hi Bryan,

> I've set up a patchwork instance for the Mercurial project, to help us
> coordinate patch reviews and contributions:
> So far, we've been pleased with patchwork after just a day or so of use.
> I'd like to thank all of you (Jeremy in particular) who have contributed
> to it so far.

That's great to hear! Glad that you're finding patchwork useful.

> When time permits, I'll rey to send some patches that decouple the code
> from its few git-centric assumptions. The code is actually running fine
> without git in the picture, and it would be great to keep it that way :-)

The intention is to keep patchwork independent of a particular VCS; 
while most patchwork users are using it with git (myself included), I 
don't want to enforce this requirement on others.

That said, since I'm only using git myself, there may be assumptions 
that creep in unintentionally. If you have particular areas that you 
think are important, please consider contributing a testcase or two, so 
things don't get broken in future :)

Check out apps/patchwork/tests/ for the existing tests. It should be 
fairly easy to contribute more, but do get in touch if you need any help.



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