[PATCH] models: Don't munge the 'From' field of patches

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sat Feb 16 16:05:59 EST 2013

Hi Doug,

> At the moment patchwork always uses the official submitter name (as
> patchwork understands it) as the "From" for patches that you receive.
> This isn't quite what users expect and has some unfortunate
> consequences.


> The biggest problem is that patchwork saves the "official" name for an
> email address the first time it sees an email from them.  If that name
> is wrong (or was missing) patchwork will be confused even if future
> emails from this person are fixed.  There are similar problems if a
> user changes his/her name (get married?).
> It seems better to just have each patch report the actual "From" that
> was used to send that patch.  We'll still return the submitter in
> 'X-Patchwork-Submitter' just in case someone wants it.

This change will cause the mbox download to show a different name than 
the web UI, which may also be confusing. How about we store the name in 
the Patch model (if it differs from the Person object) from the From header?



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