Name missing?

Doug Anderson dianders at
Sat Feb 16 03:52:44 EST 2013


On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 5:01 AM, Wolfram Sang <wsa at> wrote:
> Hi,
> has somebody an idea why the name couldn't be parsed in this patch, so
> there is only the email address?

As far as I can tell, patchwork creates a "submitter" for each email
address.  Once it has decided on the name associated with a submitter
it doesn't change it.  So the problem was actually with James' first
patch that patchwork saw:

...there was no name there so patchwork decides that James will never
have a name.

I believe that if James creates an account on he
can give himself a name.  Unless he wants to bug an admin, though,
he's only got one chance to get his name right.  I don't see a UI for
changing your name except in the admin section.  ;)

Hope that helps.


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