Driving patchwork via email

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at free.fr
Thu Sep 27 03:44:50 EST 2012

Hello All!

I am a happy user of patchwork for a few projects, and it really eases the
workflow of the project I maintain [0]. Yeah! :-)

There is however a feature that I think would make patch even more valuable,
and that is (AFAIK) is missing.

When a patch is submitted to the list, it properly ends up into the
patchwork, and that's cool. Then the discussion about the patch is also
appended to the patchwork. Eventually, the patch can be rejected, and a
mail saying so is sent to the list, and the project maintainer (or the
patch owner) has to manually 'reject' the patch in patchwork.

It would be very interesting that a keyword in the rejection mail also
updates the status of the patch in patchwork. For example:

    Patchwork: Rejected
    Patchwork: Superseded

Thus upon receiving a mesage with such a line, patchwork would update the
patch to the specified status.

Of course, that shall only be allowed as per the existing ACLs:
  - maintainer can set all patches
  - owner can set only its own patches
  - others can't set any patch

[0] crosstool-NG - http://crosstool-ng.org/

Yann E. MORIN.

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