[PATCH] fix postgres grant script

simo idra at samba.org
Thu Oct 25 09:28:42 EST 2012

On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 18:20 -0400, simo wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 18:11 -0400, simo wrote:
> > Current script fails with a rollback because one of the recently added
> > sequences does not exist in the db.
> Ops sorry,
> attached correct patch without trailing , that makes psql balk
> also I noticed that you use nobody for the mail server user and later in
> the INSTALL doc you hint that you are using postfix.
> On both Debian and Fedora the postfix user is 'postfix', would you like
> a patch to change docs and grant script from 'nobody' -> 'postfix' ?

Also to note is that auth_message is gone in latest django.

Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer <simo at samba.org>
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. <simo at redhat.com>

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