patchwork and bug tracking

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri May 4 10:53:18 EST 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

> I know this has been asked before, but so far I am not aware of any
> solutions:  has any work been done (or are there any such plans
> anywhere) to turn patchwork into a new, or to combine it with one of
> the existing, bug tracking systems?

I'm not intending to turn it into a bug tracking system itself - there 
are existing bug trackers out there with solid feature-sets, and I don't 
see a need to add another.

However, I'm very much open to integration with an external bug tracker. 
For example, it'd be nice to be able associate bugs (from an external 
bug tracker) with patches (in patchwork), and have patchwork 
automatically update the bug status when the patch is accepted.

There have not been any requests for this so far, though.



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