patchwork: mbox download may be mangled version of original mail

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at
Fri Oct 7 03:58:52 EST 2011

Patchwork seems to have mangled the original mail in
this patch:

Now, the patch is a bit broken in that (as is not uncommon) something
along the line has wrapped some of the long lines. However, I would
expect that in this case I should still be able to download the mbox
version of the patch, fix up the wrapped lines and apply the patch.

Unfortunately Patchwork seems to have mangled the body of the original
mail somehow -- you can see that it thought the three lines at the tail
of the patch:

      /* 0x10001000 PCI controller config registers.  */

were not actually part of the patch section (so it's put them in
the comments section of the web page). In the mbox download they
also appear above the patch rather than where they belong at the

It would be nice if patchwork just left the mail generally alone
for mbox download. Providing something that looks like a copy of
the original patch email but isn't actually one is rather confusing.

-- PMM

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