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Fri May 13 18:54:19 EST 2011

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> Subject: patch tracking issue
> Hi,
> Recently, I have posted a patch series on the U-Boot mailing-list.
> Here is the patchwork entry for the patch number 6 (the last for this
> series):
> Until now, this patch has been iterated seven times and none of this
> patch versions seems to have a patchwork entry.
> As a side note, among the iterations, some 'accepted' patches have been
> dropped out the series (changing the patch subject prefix [PATCH x/x]).
> Have I missed something and/or done something wrong ?

I don't thing you have missed anything.

> And if not, how to get patchwork tracking this patches ?

Respective custodian should do this, (In this case I) but pulling patch and tracking them on patchwork are asynchronous tasks and missed from my todo. I will do the needful

Prafulla . .

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