Dealing with duplicated hashes

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed May 11 07:05:52 EST 2011


assume we have a series of 3 patches, and changes are requested for
the first and the last one:

	1/3 -> Changes Requested
	2/3 -> New
	3/3 -> Changes Requested

The posted changes his code as requested, and posts a new version of
his patch series, i. e. we have:

	v2 1/3 -> New
	v2 2/3 -> New
	v2 3/3 -> New

	1/3 -> Changes Requested
	2/3 -> Superseeded
	3/3 -> Changes Requested

Note that patch 2/2 got reposted unchanged.

When I apply the v2 series of patches, I will use
"pwclient update -s 'Accepted' -h $HASH" to update the database.

Unfortunately, both versions of the 2/3 patch will have the same hash
value (unchanged repost, you remember?), and what happens is this:

	v2 1/3 -> Accepted
	v2 2/3 -> New
	v2 3/3 -> Accepted

	1/3 -> Changes Requested
	2/3 -> Accepted
	3/3 -> Changes Requested

The action always gets applied to the oldest entry only.

This is not what I intended.  Well, I have to admit that I'm not sure
what "correct" behaviour would be.  Originally I would have expected
that only the most recent entry gets changed, but after second thought
I think it would also make sense if _all_ entries with the same hash
get changed in the same way - they represent multiple copies of the
same patch after all.

What do you think?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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