patchwork: filter dialog submitter dropdown confused by firefox textbox completion

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at
Fri Mar 25 23:14:05 EST 2011

[This is a minor UI bug report.]

The patchwork filter dialog (what you get if you click on
"Filters" in
has a feature where if you type into the Submitter text box it
will populate the dropdown list with all the possible submitters
it knows about which start with what you've typed.

Unfortunately this seems to not interact well with Firefox's
completion features for textboxes. If you type a few characters
into the field, Firefox presents you with a dropdown list of
all the things you've typed into that field on previous
occasions, and if you press 'down' 'tab' Firefox will fill
that into the text field for you. However Patchwork doesn't
update its dropdown when the text field changes as a result:
you have to click to put input focus back into the textfield
and type another letter to get Patchwork's dropdown to update.

-- PMM

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