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Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at
Thu Mar 17 03:50:09 EST 2011

Em 16-03-2011 11:03, Guilherme Salgado escreveu:
> Hi there,
> I see that some emails with patches have a From: field in the body[1],
> and I'm wondering if there's any reason for not using that (when
> available, of course) as the patch submitter.  Well, now that I think of
> it, one could argue that the submitter is whoever sent the email, but
> maybe it would be useful to have a 'author' field on Patch so that we
> can properly represent cases where submitter != author?

When I apply patches, I prefer to have both information, as it is
currently provided. The scripts I use to apply patches detect when a
patch has more than one "From" and allow me to solve (in a matter of fact,
my scripts _force_ me to solve the dual "From" conflict).

It seems risky to me to let patchwork to automatically change the patch
submitter, especially since, sometimes, patch description could have a
"From:" that may not be the patch author.

For example, I've seem a few patches that have email references. It would
not be impossible to see a "From: " or "Author: " in the middle of such

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