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Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at
Wed Jun 15 23:00:41 EST 2011

Le 15/06/2011 14:27, Wolfgang Denk a écrit :
> Dear Albert,
> In message<4DF89B4E.1040705 at>  you wrote:
>> We should involve Wolfgang here, because ISTR there were already
>> discussions about encodings in U-Boot, with the conclusion at the time
>> that ISO-8859 was to be used:
>> <>
> So far, ISO-8859(-1 or -15) have been used.
>> Maybe finally we should move to UTF-8?
> You mean we should set commitencoding in .git/config? We can do this,
> but would this help in cases like this one, where the actual ISO-8859
> character is present in the existing code?

What I mean is that U-Boot still has a mix of UTF-8 and ISO-8859 encoded 
files, and at least we should stick to one encoding only (my bad: I've 
already offered to do this, and haven't).

As for switching to UTF-8, I suggested this because I thought ISO-8859 
support was problematic in patchwork; since then, Jeremy mentioned that 
ISO-8859 should not be an issue, so forget about switching.

(and I'll post an UTF-8-to-ISO-8859 fixup patch at the next merge window)

> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk


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