patchwork feature request: support for patch series cover letters?

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at
Wed Jan 5 23:39:13 EST 2011

Hi; I use the patchwork install at
mostly for monitoring qemu patches I've sent. It's very handy,
but I do have a feature request I'd like to propose...

Most qemu patches get sent to the list as multi-patch sets with
an initial "[PATCH 00/nn]" "cover letter". Unfortunately patchwork
doesn't do anything with the cover letter, so it just shows the
individual sub-patches.

Would it be possible for patchwork to also handle the 'cover letter'
email, so that:
 * there's a single URL you can refer to for the whole patchset
(which could link to the patch URLs for all its parts)
 * patchwork recorded the overall rationale for the patchset as
documented in the cover letter (and discussion on it which was
sent as a reply to the cover letter)

(Perhaps patchsets should be automatically turned into
patchwork bundles? I'm not sure.)

thanks in advance
-- Peter Maydell

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