[root at localhost: [Django] Error (EXTERNAL IP): /register/]

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Fri Dec 9 01:41:44 EST 2011

Hi Ralf,

> Below trace is the result of trying to re-register my already registered
> email address with a new account for test purposes.
> Not sure what should be sensible behaviour.

At the moment, the registration process explicitly disallows multiple
registrations with the same address. If you try to add a new one, you
get an error telling you that the email address is already registered.

The stack trace you've shown is erroring-out *before* the registration
is saved. This would indicate that you *already* have two entries in the
auth_user table with that email address (and are now trying to add a
third). Did you add one manually?



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