[RFC] Store patch authors in the new Patch.author field

Guilherme Salgado guilherme.salgado at linaro.org
Fri Apr 29 22:52:46 EST 2011

On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 00:59 +0100, Peter Maydell wrote:
> On 28 April 2011 21:36, Guilherme Salgado <guilherme.salgado at linaro.org> wrote:
> > When the first line of the email message that contains a patch starts with
> > 'From:' and contain an email address, we use that address as the author;
> > otherwise we use the same as the submitter.
> What I think we should be doing here is to accept the same patch email
> format as 'git am' [or more precisely, 'git mailinfo'], which this
> patch doesn't quite do. From the 'git am' manpage:
> # "From: " and "Subject: " lines starting the body override the
> # respective commit author name and title values taken from the headers.
> In particular, if a patch mail body starts with:
>   Subject: the real subject
>   From: Some Joker <peter.maydell at linaro.org>
>   The real long description
> then git am will honour the From: in the body but this patch
> will not (because the From is the second body line, not the first).
> [git mailinfo also allows Date, Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding
> headers in the body, but I don't think we need to support that since
> it's undocumented.]

Fair enough. I completely missed that on the manpage and just assumed
you could only override the author, but it will be easy to change the
code to allow overriding the subject as well.


Guilherme Salgado <https://launchpad.net/~salgado>
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