Show patch ID in patch lists

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at
Sat Apr 16 17:47:51 EST 2011


As a 'maintainer' in the u-boot project, I use pwclient to manipulate 
patches, which requires knowing the patch ID. However, as I look up 
patches using the patch list on the website, not the pwclient list 
command, the patch ID does not appear, which forces me to follow the 
patch link (or at least look up the link to extract the ID from it).

I'd much prefer having the patch ID displayed so that I could copy-paste 
it quicly to my console. So... could an  'ID' column be added?

I can try and provide a patch for this, but I cannot readily test it as 
I don't have a patchwork setup available for experimenting.


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