TypeError at /accounts/register/ register() got an unexpected keyword argument 'profile_callback'

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sun Oct 31 05:25:39 EST 2010

Hi Sabuj,

> > If you're using Ubuntu or Debian, you should be able to use the
> > python-django- registration package, which contains the correct version
> > for patchwork. I'm not sure what version other distros have packaged,
> > but you may be able to use packages instead.
> Unfortunately we're using centos and I did see a django package, can't
> remember whether it was from rpmforge or epel or whether it was from
> the base repo, but I don't know whether it even includes
> django-registration .

I wouldn't think that the plain django package includes this app, you'd 
probably need a separate one. On ozlabs.org, I'm using a debian package:


If you don't have the dpkg tools, I've put up a tarball containing the same 


you'll probably need to copy the python module to somewhere sensible, and 
perhaps add it to your PYTHONPATH.

> This would be the best. There are also some other problems we've
> encountered, such as clicking the mbox link in the patches produces
> this error :
> NameError at /patch/313/mbox/
> global name 'HeaderParser' is not defined

Which version of python are you using? Could you try the following (in a 
python shell), and let me know what output (in particular, whether there are 
ImportErrors reported) you get?:

    from email.mime.nonmultipart import MIMENonMultipart
    from email.encoders import encode_7or8bit
    from email.parser import HeaderParser
    import email.utils

> Then the error when someone tries to login and they don't have a
> userprofile :
> DoesNotExist at /user/
> UserProfile matching query does not exist.

Every User should have a corresponding UserProfile - the original registration 
error is causing this problem.



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