TypeError at /accounts/register/ register() got an unexpected keyword argument 'profile_callback'

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sun Oct 31 01:02:51 EST 2010

Hi Sabuj,

> Exception Type: TypeError at /accounts/register/
> Exception Value: register() got an unexpected keyword argument
> 'profile_callback'

The django-registration module has changed its interface since I included it 
in patchwork; it looks like this change breaks the patchwork setup.

If you're using Ubuntu or Debian, you should be able to use the python-django-
registration package, which contains the correct version for patchwork. I'm 
not sure what version other distros have packaged, but you may be able to use 
packages instead.

Alternatively, I can send you the source tree I'm using for 

I'm in the process of updating patchwork to handle this change (perhaps by 
including the registration code in patchwork itself), but this is colliding 
with some other infrastructure changes in progress.



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