Desired new features to patchworks...

Jeff Kirsher jeffrey.t.kirsher at
Mon Nov 22 20:34:30 EST 2010

Patchworks has been a great tool when keeping track of patches, but it
lacks two very useful bits of information.

Feature 1- Metrics: It would be great to have the number of patches in a
particular "state" on any given page.  For instance, if I were to go to
the patches link of a particular project, it would be nice to have in
the header of the page the number of "new", "Under Review", etc.
patches.  Also if I were to do a search of all patches submitted by an
individual, the number of patches in there various states is displayed
in the header (as well as the results of the search).

Feature 2- Duration: Another feature that would be nice to see is the
amount of time a patch stays in a particular state and/or the average
duration that patches stay in a particular state.  This feature would
help diagnosing bottlenecks in the patch review/test/commit process.

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