TypeError at /accounts/register/ register() got an unexpected keyword argument 'profile_callback'

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Wed Nov 3 04:23:03 EST 2010

Hi Sabuj,

> These aren't available with python 2.4.3 (comes with RHEL5/CENTOS5) so
> it blows up on all the imports below.

OK, I'll send a patch in a separate email.=- If you could test that and let me 
know how it goes, that would be a great help.
> > Every User should have a corresponding UserProfile - the original
> > registration error is causing this problem.
> Well, not sure which registration problem you're referring to.

The problem with the HG version of django-registration and patchwork - it was 
performing the registration correctly, but failing on the UserProfile creation 
step. With the SVN version, all should be fine.



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