Upcoming changes: git-pull tracking

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Tue Nov 2 02:19:21 EST 2010

Hi all,

I'm just about to push a few changes up to the patchwork git repo. These will 
add functionality to allow patchwork to track git-pull requests.

I'm planning to upgrade the installation at patchwork.ozlabs.org too. After 
this happens, git pull requests will appear in project patch lists.

If you have your own installation of patchwork and plan to update, you will 
need to migrate your patchwork database. The changes add a file:


- as in the past, these migration files contain the SQL required to update 
your database schema. However, I have only tested on PostgreSQL - if you are 
using different DB software, the SQL may have to be modified to suit. If you 
do this, let me know what changes you needed and I'll add that to the repo.

To apply this schema change to a postgres DB:

 psql patchwork -f lib/sql/migration/007-patch-pull-requests.sql

Currently, I'm detecting pull requests by looking for certain strings in 
inoming mail, which may not be perfect. If you have a pull request that isn't 
tracked, let me know and I'll add it to the patchwork test suite (and then fix 
the failing test :) )



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