email addresses in clear

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Sat May 15 21:43:10 EST 2010

Hi Raphael,

> I have one question though: why are email addresses in clear with
> mailto: links accessible to anyone?

I had considered some options for this problem in the early stages of 
patchwork, but decided to avoid any type of obfuscation or removal (even if 
only for anonymous sessions), because:

1) obfuscation is trivially circumventable;

2) I don't want to make life harder for users of patchwork, even if they're 
not logged in;

3) I don't want patchwork messing with the content of patches, and

4) the email addresses shown on patchwork are easily available through other 
means (VCS revision history, mailing list archives, etc).

If there's a neat way to handle this, let me know; but I think what patchwork 
displays currently is OK.



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