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Sun Jan 24 03:58:12 EST 2010

On 23.01.2010 17:03, Paul Menzel wrote:
> OpenEmbedded [2] is using Git for source code management and Patchwork
> for patch tracking. Just today `pwclient` was mentioned on the list
> while we were thinking about easier interaction with Patchwork. So a lot
> of feature are probably unknown to us.
> Jeremy mentioned he has some scripts in [1]. Unfortunately I could not
> find those searching for
> »site: git scripts«.
> Could you please help out and publish your scripts/tools?

I think I already posted my script for patchwork handling of flashrom
svn, but here it is again (needs tweaking for other SCMs and projects,
and my local paths are hardcoded). There are two calls in there to
generate patches with -p0 and -p1 because some people send -p1 patches
(mostly Git users) and others send -p0 patches (mostly Subversion users).

Bugs/limitations of my script:
- The patchwork hash is sensitive to file order, and git creates patches
in a different order than svn. This causes lookups for multi-file
patches to fail if the submitter used svn and the tree is in git or vice
- The patchwork hash sometimes won't match if the patch was applied with
an offset (a few lines down or up).
- There is no attempt to use the project as qualifier in case a patch
was sent to multiple lists and thus a patch may match multiple patchwork

Ah yes. Here's the link to the archived post:


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