Grouping patches?

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at
Sun Feb 28 01:31:25 EST 2010


the flashrom project is using patchwork with great success.
There is one feature that would be pretty helpful for us, but I have no
idea whether it already exists and if it does, how to enable/use it:
Grouping patches by topic or changing the patch name.
Basically, flashrom is a project where people send in success/failure
reports, and then we reply with patches while keeping the subject line
intact. That means the subject line of a patch will often have
absolutely no relation to the patch contents. Example: has subject "Scary error
message", but a more fitting description would be "Support MSI K8N
Neo4-F mainboard", and it belongs to the "mainboard support" class of
patches. Other classes are "flash chip support" and "generic code" and
"programmer support".
Right now I don't see any way to help specialized developers focus on
any given class of pending patches (e.g. some developers only handle
mainboard support patches). Having the ability to sort by patch class
(if such a concept is feasible in patchwork) or having the ability to
change patch names as they appear in the patch list (as long as the
original subject is visible on the individual patch page) would be
tremendously helpful.

Any input is appreciated.


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