How to create a project?

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Tue Feb 2 07:38:34 EST 2010

also sprach Jeremy Kerr <jk at> [2010.02.02.0543 +1300]:
> Did you visit the admin site? It should be at /admin/ on your patchwork 
> install.

Oh dear, I did miss this part of the logic entirely. Silly me!

> From the INSTALL doc:
> 4. Configure patchwork
>     Now, you should be able to administer patchwork, by visiting the
>     URL:

Yeah, I gratuitously skipped over that because I couldn't wait to
make mail workibng. ;)

>       http://your-host/admin/
>     You'll probably want to do the following:
>       * Set up your projects
>       * Configure your website address (in the Sites) section of the admin
> Is this not working?

It seems working, though documentation is lacking (e.g. how is
List-ID used? how is List-Mailaddr used?) and there seems to be
absolutely no CSS layout.

Sorry for not doing my homework properly.

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