Tracking whether patches have been applied?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri Dec 10 15:52:01 EST 2010

Hi Chris,

> I'd like to have a tool that can look at the patches sent to a monitored
> list and tell me which have been applied.  (For bonus points, it could
> even say which of the unapplied patches *could* be applied cleanly.)
> You would, obviously, need to supply a repository/branch to use as the
> "reference" tree for comparisons.
> Do you think Patchwork (or rather pwclient?) could/should be such a tool?
> I'd be interested in working on it if the feature is wanted.

Yes, this is definitely doable.

Most people do this in reverse though, by updating patchwork with the patches 
that have been applied:

 git rev-list $oldrev..HEAD |
 while read commit
     h=$(git show $commit | pwparser --hash)
     pwclient update -h $h -s Accepted \
         -c $commit

But it's feasible that you then want to look through the unapplied patches 
(ie, State = New):

 pwclient list -s New

then do a test-apply of each.

Is this what you're after?


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