patchwork authentication bug or local server misconfiguration?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Sat Jul 11 11:58:16 EST 2009

Hi Carl-Daniel,

> So far, I either suspect a server misconfiguration or a patchwork
> bug. I'll try to talk with our admin and find out.
> If anybody has seen this before, I'd appreciate hints.

It's probably a server misconfiguration caused by a patchwork bug (ie, 
this isn't documented that well). If you're using the FastCGI interface 
to Apache, you'll need to specify that you want the Authentication 
header to be passed through to the patchwork app:

FastCGIExternalServer <path> -socket <socket> -pass-header Authorization

If you're not using FastCGI, there may be something similar that you 
need to for mod_python; let me know if this is the case.

Hope this helps,


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