Anthony Newnam anthony at
Thu Jan 15 10:17:50 EST 2009

I've finally gotten close to having patchwork work. I am using
fetchmail to send email to postfix to forward it to the python script.
This all appears to be working. In the admin interface, I put some
random names into the linkname and name and then I put Anthony.Newnam
in the listid and Anthony.Newnam at domain.tld in the listemail. I then
sent an email to Anthony.Newnam at domain.tld with the subject "[PATCH]
bla bla" and a .patch file attached to it. It got to the postfix
python script I added to /etc/aliases, but there is no entry in the
table when I go to the patchwork website.

Is any part of what I explained wrong?

Thank you

P.S. It would be helpful if the INSTALL contained information about
the admin interface

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