BundleReorderTest unit test failing?

Eduardo Habkost ehabkost at redhat.com
Fri Aug 14 04:53:13 EST 2009


I've checked out the latest patchwork code from git[1], and I am getting
the following unit test failure:

  FAIL: testBundleReorder (patchwork.tests.bundles.BundleReorderTest)
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/mnt/common/code/admin/rh-patchwork/apps/patchwork/tests/bundles.py", line 358, in testBundleReorder
      self.failUnlessEqual(response.status_code, 200)
  AssertionError: 404 != 200
  Ran 123 tests in 4.527s
  FAILED (failures=1)

Is anybody else seeing this failure?

I am investigating it, and it may be something wrong on my setup (among other
things, I am using Django 1.1 instead of Django 1.0), but I would like to know
if it is just me.

Bisecting wasn't really useful, because the first failing commit is the one
that introduces the test:

  6c119273e873bc2c63ac470e7b975a721b9a6826 is first bad commit
  commit 6c119273e873bc2c63ac470e7b975a721b9a6826
  Author: Jeremy Kerr <jk at ozlabs.org>
  Date:   Tue Feb 10 11:47:40 2009 +1100
      [tests] Add initial bundle tests
      Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <jk at ozlabs.org>
  :040000 040000 1cda275ebf7e9c08f97964b657405b53eb0c79e2 0fe5af0c9e770db8fa58e3ec90869acec9e91c6b M      apps

[1] commit 7d9334e879857f8a380bc9509b6cbf9972cecc25


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