Feature request: tracking of patches that are -stable candidates

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Mon Sep 29 17:19:26 EST 2008

Theodore Ts'o writes:

> So I'm not sure what's the best way of storing this information or
> implementing feature, but one thing that would be really handy is that
> some patches should be candidates for inclusion in the -stable tree.  
> We generally would know this before the patch is accepted and pushed to
> Linus, so I think it needs to be tracked via a patch property separate
> from the state property.   A patch could be either "normal (not for
> stable)", "stable candidate", and "accepted into stable tree".   It
> would be nice if there was a report where the maintainer could see all
> of the patches which were in state "accepted" and "stable candidate",
> since these would be the ones where we would want to create a bundle to
> send to Chris Wright and Greg KH.
> Does this make sense as something that Patchwork could and should track?

I wonder if there's a simpler way to get the effect you want.  I
suspect that the "stable candidate" state is really the interesting
one.  Would it suffice to have a persistent, exported bundle for the
stable candidate patches, so that the "stable candidate" state is just
the condition of being in the "stable-candidate" bundle?


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