Patchwork features, new mailing list

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Sep 24 15:17:51 EST 2008

Hi all,

Just sending this email to the current 'maintainers' on patchwork. This 
is a one-off - further emails are opt-in.

The patchwork instance on is still under development, and I'm 
keen to keep improving it. This means that patchwork setup on will be updated, hopefully the changes aren't too 
disruptive. However, I'd rather my changes make patchwork better, not 

So, Stephen has set up a mailing list for us:

 patchwork at

This is where I'd like to conduct most of the patchwork discussion, 
feature requests, etc. By sending requests here, everyone has some for 
on input, and get a bit of warning for changes.

That said, participation in this list is completely optional. If you'd 
rather not subscribe to yet another list, that's fine too - but I'm not 
able to otherwise inform you of pending updates, and you won't have the 
opportunity to "nack" any changes that don't suit your usage of 

In theory, it may be good to have separate 'patchwork development' 
and 'the patchwork setup on' lists, but there 
really isn't enough traffic to warrant that.

In order to kick things off, here's what I have in the pipeline - 
responses (to patchwork at most welcome.

Recently done:

 * Patch and bundle mbox files now contain all acks/nacks/signoffs from
   subsequent comments

 * Merge email addresses that only differ in case

 * Better handing of non-ascii mail headers

Ready to go now:

 * Changes to make the bundles easier to access - a separate page for a
   list of your current bundles, accessible from the top-right set of
   links. Bundles can be downloaded and/or deleted directly from this

 * Reformat of the 'profile' page, removing (now duplicate) bundle list

 * A few css/html tweaks

 * Default patch list ordering is now newest-first

To do / feature requests:

 * More non-ascii fixes

 * Change 'person' links to go to a page of that author's patches (like
   the old patchwork)

 * Extend help pages (did you know there's an X-Patchwork-Hint mail
   header that controls how patchwork handles an incoming patch?)

 * Allow bundles to be re-ordered

 * https for logged-in-users

 * Implement 'pwclient update -s Accepted <git-revs>'

Longer term ideas:

 * Allow on-list responses through patchwork, possibly related to state

 * Comment threading

 * Grouping series of patches

 * Configurable 'flags' for patches (eg, 'tested'), which show an icon
   in the main patch list. Was thinking that these could be triggered by
   a regex appearing in a comment to the patch (eg, 'Tested-By'), or
   by a button on the patch page itself.

 * Inter-patchwork communication - if upstream is using patchwork too,
   provide a 'send upstream' button, which sends the patch(es) to the
   upstream list, and sends (via HTTP) the extra data about this patch
   (eg comments) to the upstream patchwork.



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