Add UDP transport for rsyslog

Patrick Williams patrick at
Fri Jan 20 09:40:43 AEDT 2023

On Thu, Jan 19, 2023 at 01:15:52PM +0300, Gleb Semenov wrote:
> On 18.01.2023 15:23, Patrick Williams wrote:
> > On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 02:36:15PM +0300, Gleb Semenov wrote:
> >
> >>   1. Modification of the
> >>      xyz/openbmc_project/Network/Client.interface.yaml interface to add
> >>      the protocol attribute.
> > You may want either a separate interface or a separate path to identify
> > TCP vs UDP (Network.Transport?).  There are enough users of Network.Client that
> > you probably don't also want to modify all of them to have "TCP".  Maybe we
> > could set TCP as the default on a new property, but I think most protocols only
> > have only a single implied protocol, so you're now forcing error paths
> > onto all of them if "Transport != TCP".
> >
> > Make sure this is done as an enumeration.
> Seems You are right, The semantics of the "protocol" field may be differ 
> for different services. For SNMP, for example, the "protocol" 
> specification means a pair (transport, SNMP version), rather than just 
> TCP or UDP. So distinct interface and path will be better.

Just a minor remark.  You wrote "interface and path" but I meant
interface OR path.  As in, one of these two options:

    1. Add an interface such as Network.Protocol which resides at the
       same path location as your 'rsyslog' Network.Client interface

    2. Add and document two paths, such as /.../rsyslog-tcp and
       /.../rsyslog-udp which both implement Network.Client for the
       corresponding protocol.

Patrick Williams
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