Virtual Media repository request

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Tue Jan 3 16:36:57 AEDT 2023

Hi Przemyslaw,
> I would like to rise the request for new service of Virtual Media 
> repository once again.

Sure! I've seen a lot of gerrit updates happen recently, but it looks
like they're failing verification. Is there a particular challenge that
you're facing there?

> Recently I've made an attempt to push VM service patches once again 
> after UT has been added.

(what does UT refer to here?)

> In the meantime, I've noticed that in order to make a graceful
> transition between old and new solution the final
> switch between the old and new code should be made at the moment when
> the last patch is accepted.

In this case, I figure the approach is to just make a wholesale switch-
over to the new codebase; so, an incremental patch series may be a bit
onerous on you for not much community benefit. Since you'd be the
maintainer of the new code, I'm happy with whatever approach gets you
there :)

There was an earlier decision to use the same (jsnbd) repo for this,
rather than add a new repo and do a switch over. That wouldn't be my
preferred approach, but still seems workable - is that the issue you're
looking to re-review? Or something else?



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