clang-15 in CI

Patrick Williams patrick at
Fri Sep 30 21:25:03 AEST 2022


TL;DR: I am updating clang and you might encounter minor CI issues as a result.
Generally these require re-running clang-format.


I'm going to merge a commit which updates our CI Docker image from
clang-14 to clang-15.  I've checked every repository that has a
.clang-tidy to ensure there are not any regressions and I've spot
checked a few repositories for clang-format issues.  I've seen one
clang-format incompatibility in sdbusplus (between 14 and 15) but
by tweaking some of the format flags I've been able to make it

In clang-15, clang-format supports formatting of C++20 Concepts.  I've
proposed a set of small changes to our global .clang-format to utilize
this and a few other tweaks [2,3,4].

If you encounter any troubles with clang-format in the next few days you
probably just need to re-run it on the affected repository.  You might
consider copying over the latest global .clang-format as well.

The commit to update clang is [5].


Patrick Williams
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