[PATCH] clk: clk-npcm7xx: Remove unused struct npcm7xx_clk_gate_data and npcm7xx_clk_div_fixed_data

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Thu Sep 29 10:39:21 AEST 2022

Quoting Yuan Can (2022-09-27 06:39:31)
> After commit 6a5898411159("clk: clk-npcm7xx: Remove unused static const tables
> 'npcm7xx_gates' and 'npcm7xx_divs_fx'"), no one use struct
> npcm7xx_clk_gate_data and struct npcm7xx_clk_div_fixed_data, so remove them.
> Signed-off-by: Yuan Can <yuancan at huawei.com>
> ---

Applied to clk-next

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