[EXTERNAL] Re: new port seeing ipmid exiting with seg fault

Andrew Jeffery andrew at aj.id.au
Fri Sep 23 10:06:30 AEST 2022

On Thu, 22 Sep 2022, at 15:14, Patton, Schuyler wrote:
> Hi Andrew and all,
> I have used remote gdb to debug the cause of the seg faults for 
> phosphor-host-ipmid to this structure (MetaPassStruct in 
> user_channel/passwd_mgr.cpp). This structure appears to initialized 
> correctly, extremely large values. I notice that a commit (05703ad - 
> Anton Blanchard, I am using a 64 bit machine) was made to change 
> structure elements of the MetaPassStruct and the commit message 
> mentioned this would fix seg faults. I added a bbappends that pulls in 
> the ipmid current top of tree of a23af1 and this included 05703ad 
> commit but the ipmid now fails before getting to the passwdmgr that was 
> seg faulting earlier. 
> Apologies as I am new to OpenBMC but I was looking for guidance on 
> which ipmid commit I should use beyond the bfd3a17 commit that seg 
> faults.

You'll need to reproduce the issue against the upstream code before we 
can help much further here. It sounds like you're doing a fair bit of 
munging of the history and it's unclear what upstream base you're 
working from and what changes you've introduced. It's not really 
something we can help with as it is.


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