Rescan busses for FRU device removal/unplug

Kumar Thangavel kumarthangavel.hcl at
Tue Sep 20 18:49:38 AEST 2022

Hi All,

Whenever Rescan function is called, it is removing all fru devices and
their interfaces from dbus and scans all busses and adding all other
devices and dbus interfaces.

If ReScan function is called, incase of removing/unplugging only one FRU
device from the system, then it will remove all fru devices from the system
and their interfaces instead of removing one device. So, all the FRU's and
associated sensors and their dbus interfaces were also removed. Then scans
all buses and adds newly scanned devices and dbus interfaces.

Ex : If a system has 5 FRU devices, then one FRU device is
removed/unplugged, it will remove all devices and scan all buses and
recreate the 4 FRU devices.

I think Some additional removal of other FRU devices and adding/recreating
other FRU devices is happening here. So, to avoid this issue, We can keep
both old and new scanning lists and compare the devices in the list and
remove only the unplugged FRU devices and their dbus interfaces and keep
other FRU devices as it is. This is also applicable for adding(plug) new
FRU to the system.

Please share your thoughts on this.
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