Yocto changes to TEMPLATECONF location.

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Sat Sep 10 01:58:39 AEST 2022


An upstream Yocto changes is causing us to move the location of the
template config files in our machine layers.  These are the
`bblayers.conf.sample` and `local.conf.sample` locations.

I have made all the necessary changes (basically just file moves) in
our tree[1] and some minor changes to the `setup` script.  If you happen
to use `openbmc-env` to set up your environment, you will need to
adjust the TEMPLATECONF environment variable accordingly (look at
`setup` for an example).

I have also updated any references in docs[2] to avoid usage of
`openbmc-env` and `TEMPLATECONF` and switch instead to recommend `setup`

If you have any machines in a downstream fork you may also need to make
similar file location changes once we pull in the next subtree update.
These might be helpful for you:

   $ git ls-files "**/*.sample" | \
     grep -v -e poky -e meta-security -e meta-openembedded | \
     xargs -n1 dirname | sed 's#$#/templates/default#' | \
     sort | uniq | xargs mkdir -p
   $ git ls-files "**/*.sample" | \
     grep -v -e poky -e meta-security -e meta-openembedded | \
     sed 's#\(.*\)/conf/\(.*\)#\1/conf/\2 \1/conf/templates/default/\2#' | \
     xargs -n2 git mv -f

1. https://gerrit.openbmc.org/c/openbmc/openbmc/+/57049
2. https://gerrit.openbmc.org/c/openbmc/docs/+/57050

Patrick Williams
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