[PATCH] net/ncsi: Add Intel OS2BMC OEM command

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 15:59:25 AEST 2022


On Fri, Sep 09, 2022 at 10:57:17AM +0800, Jiaqing Zhao wrote:
> The Intel OS2BMC OEM NCSI command is used for controlling whether
> network traffic between host and sideband is allowed or not. By
> default such traffic is disallowed, meaning that if the device using
> NCS (usually BMC) does not have extra active connection, it cannot
> reach the host.

Can you please explain the rationale behind introducing this as a
compile-time kernel config option? I can probably imagine how this can
make sense as a DT switch (e.g. to describe hardware where there's no
other communication channel between the host and BMC) but even this
feels far-fetched.

Can you please outline some particular use cases for this feature?

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