How to use phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor for GPIOs with both edge but different behaviors

Thang Nguyen OS thang at
Fri Oct 28 22:23:43 AEDT 2022


Do you know how to support GPIOs with both edges but different 
behaviors? For example, I have a GPIO named OverTemp and I would like to 
support like below:

- OverTemp = 1: power OFF the Host to protect the hardware. And lock the 
power control.

- OverTemp = 0: unlock the power control.

Although phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor support BOTH attribute, I have not 
found any way to check current value of GPIO to do the appropriate 
behavior. I can't also specify 2 entries in 
phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor.json with RISING and FALLING respectively as 
the first one will block the GPIO line. So, to support this behavior I 
can just specify the GPIO as gpio-keys in device tree and use 
phosphor-gpio-monitor to support different edges, with is not expected.

It is helpful if you have any idea to use phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor to 
support or any idea on changing phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor to support this.


Thang Q. Nguyen -

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