Proposed bmcweb dump LogService "Name" change

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Wed Oct 26 12:19:05 AEDT 2022

Hi All,

I have opened a bmcweb code review ( proposing a change to
the "Name" property of dump LogServices. This is best shown with examples:

Example from /redfish/v1/Managers/bmc/LogServices/FaultLog:
Before: "Name": "Dump LogService"
After: "Name": "*FaultLog* Dump LogService"

Example from /redfish/v1/Managers/bmc/LogServices/Dump:
Before: "Name": "Dump LogService"
After: "Name": "*BMC* Dump LogService"

Example from /redfish/v1/Systems/system/LogServices/Dump:
Before: "Name": "Dump LogService"
After: "Name": "*System* Dump LogService"

*Are any Redfish clients currently matching on this "Name" value? If so,
would it be feasible to change from checking if "Name" equals "Dump
LogService" to checking if "Name" contains "Dump LogService"?  *

Details on the reasoning for changing to a more specific name:

This allows a client to differentiate the dump types of various dump
LogServices based on the "Name" property. (For example, the client might
only be interested in examining LogServices of one particular dump type.)

>From Redfish spec v1.16.0, section 9.6.7 "Name": "The Name property conveys
a human-readable moniker for a resource. The data type of the Name property
shall be string. The value of Name is NOT required to be unique across
resource instances within a resource collection."

Based on the above, the primary purpose of "Name" is to be a
"human-readable moniker”. I did not find a statement in the Redfish spec on
whether it can be used for type matching. One type-related property in the
LogService schema is "LogEntryType" -- however the possible values (Event,
Multiple, OEM, SEL) aren't fine-grained enough to determine the exact dump
type for this use case.

So in the absence of another suitable LogService property for a client to
use to differentiate between dump types (and various OEM LogService types
in general), we opt to use the "Name" property.

Best Regards,
Claire Weinan

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