Adding support for custom SEL records

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Oct 20 07:20:42 AEDT 2022

On Wed, Oct 19, 2022 at 12:05:03PM -0600, Bills, Jason M wrote:

>If I remember correctly, Ed Tanous is who did the initial evaluation, 
>so he may have more detail.  But I think it was similar to what you 
>suggest: Create 4000 logs on D-Bus and check the performance.  

Ok.  It would probably help if performance could be qualified more.  
What was checked to determine that performace had been impacted?  
http/ipmitool response latency?

>My main requirements are to store many logs (at least 4000 was the 
>original number, but I can try to get an updated number if needed) and 
>have them persist across BMC reboots.

These requirements are obviously quite reasonable, but they are already 
satisfied by both implementations.  So the requirements that are not
satisfied by the DBus implementation would be helpful to the discussion 
I think.  I'm assuming those would be certain reponse time targets for 
different types of queries, and possibly some other general performance 
metrics around resource utilization?

>How is best to approach starting a new design discussion?  Should we

For those using the rsyslog backend, I think sharing (performance) 
requirements would be a good start, as that seems to be the major 
differentiation feature.  For those using the DBus backend, it would be 
helpful to know if there are any technical reasons why they have not 
moved to the more performant solution (assuming it actually is).

>continue discussing in this thread?  Start a design doc review? 
>Something else?

I'm happy to keep the discussion going here...


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