Adding support for custom SEL records

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Oct 20 04:10:44 AEDT 2022

Thanks Jason

On Wed, Oct 19, 2022 at 09:50:47AM -0600, Bills, Jason M wrote:

>Intel had a requirement to support storing at least 4000 log entries. 

Ok.  So is it fair to assume anyone using the DBus backend does not have 
this requirement?

>At the time, we were able to get about 400 entries on D-Bus before 
>D-Bus performance became unusable.

To anyone using the DBus backend - have you observed similar performance 

Jason is there a testcase or scenario I can execute to highlighht the 
issues you refer to concretely?  Maybe something like "create 4000 sels, 
run ipmitool and see how long it takes?"

>I'd also be curious about the reverse question.  Is there any benefit 
>to storing logs on D-Bus that makes it a better solution?

Yes, this is exactly the question I've been trying to ask.  The answer 
seems only to be that the code is in meta-intel/intel-ipmi-oem - but 
that is easily fixed by moving the code to 

>At the risk of complicating things more (, D-Bus 
>was the primary solution when Intel joined.  We created the rsyslog 
>approach because of the limitation imposed by D-Bus.  But I know there 
>are still those who don't like the rsyslog approach.  Is there a way 
>we can now get together and define a new logging solution that is 
>fully upstream and avoids the drawbacks of both existing solutions?

I hope so, because doing that would make things a lot easier for our 
users adopting OpenBMC.


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