Installing Windows Server 2019 from a remotely mounted ISO

i.kononenko i.kononenko at
Tue Oct 18 22:01:22 AEDT 2022

On 18.10.2022 13:44, Konstantin Klubnichkin wrote:
> «Внимание! Данное письмо от внешнего адресата!»
> Hello, Igor!
> Did you succeed to include this pachset into upstream?
> Thank you!

Hello Konstantin!

Unfortunately, I've suspended work with publishing patches into upstream
of the usb-gadget fmc.  The community point is the big rework of  the   
usb-gadget:fmc subsystem is not required, and moreover we should avoid  
that, because there is  a user-space gadget driver that may provide     
a wider number of features and could be more agile.

My opinion at this point is that the OpenBMC VirtualMedia implementation
could be based on the GadgetFS driver with ConfigFS feature. I was plan to      
prepare a design-doc proposal with PoC, but today I have too wide list 
of critical tasks.

> 03.08.2021, 15:53, "i.kononenko" <i.kononenko at>:
>     Hello Konstantin,
>     I have several patches [1] to solves mounting DVD-based ISOs through Virtual
>     Media.
>     The published changes is WIP until had approved by the Linux Foundation
>     community,
>     but in the YADRO, we use these changes to support installing the OS Windows via
>     Virtual Media.
>     I hope your will found it helpful that information to support installing
>     Windows-based OS.
>     Links:
>     [1] -
>     <>
>     --
>     Best regards,
>     Igor Kononenko
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Klubnichkin,
> lead firmware engineer,
> server hardware R&D group,
> Yandex Moscow office.
> tel: +7-903-510-33-33

Best regards,

Igor Kononenko

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