DBus property for CredentialBootstrapping

Thang Nguyen OS thang at os.amperecomputing.com
Wed Oct 12 20:26:45 AEDT 2022

I would like to give more information for Hieu's question:
The target is to implement Redfish HostInterface schema, along with IPMI commands (Get Manager Certification Fingerprint - NetFn 2Ch, Command 01h,and Get Bootstrap Account Credentials - NetFn 2Ch, Command 02h) as specified in the DSP0270_1.3.0_Redfish Host Interface Specification document.
To support the IPMI command and Redfish HostInterface schema, need to have dbus interface CredentialBootstrapping with 2 properties:
- EnableAfterReset: when true, set the Enabled property to true when service reset or Host/BMC reset.
- Enabled: true to have IPMI command executed and false to prevent the command executed.

The problem is no current folder or property in phosphor-dbus-interface match with these properties. Where should we add new properties to implement this feature.


Thang Q. Nguyen

On 07/10/2022 14:30, Hieu Huynh OS wrote:


I intended to create the Dbus property for the "EnableAfterReset" and "Enabled".

This helps to show the "CredentialBootstrapping:EnableAfterReset", "CredentialBootstrapping:Enabled" status inside the Redfish Host Interface schema.
It is defined in the DSP0268_2021.2 Redfish Schema Supplement.pdf specification and satisfy requirements specified at section B.1.5.2 in the DEN0069C_SBMR_1.1.pdf document.


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Where to put these properties into the phosphor-dbus-interface?


Hieu Huynh

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